Product Specifications

DIY Facial Sheet Mask Maker | Fruit Faced

 DIY Face mask - Fruit Faced™

Technical parameters 

Maxim power: 80W
Maxim water volume: 80ml
Maxim water temperature: 80°C
Maschine size: 12cm X 15cm 
Weight: 390g 

Package includes  

1x Fruit Faced™ Mask Machine
1x Free eBook
1x 100ml Cup
1x Facial Mask Mold
1x Cleaning brush 
32x Collagen pills 

Warning: The water temperature is about 80°C during the mask process so let it cool down about 5 minutes before applying it

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the Fruit Faced™  mask machine please take these into consideration:

  • the machine must be cleaned after every use
  • honey, youghurt and other denser ingredients should be diluted with water
  • the mask must be made following the procedure
  • the total volume of the composition must not exceed 90ml