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Infuse different fruits, vegetables, and nutrients of all kinds on a quest to find the perfect facial mask

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Our customers reviews

  • Clarinda Clemens

    "My 13 year old daughter was insecure about her skin because of puberty acne. A friend recommended me this mask maker and I bought it just to try. I didn’t want her to use products with chemicals in them at such a young age, and with FruitFaced I can use only natural ingredients."

  • Elisa Plett

    "I was so tired of buying facial masks from drug stores every other day and I came across this product. It totally changed my skin care routine. Now making face masks is the most fun part of my night and I also get to make them with my favourite ingredients."

  • Ana Józefa

    "I had acne prone skin my entire life and nothing seemed to help until I started using the DIY facial sheet mask maker. I was skeptical when my dermatologist told me about it but it saved my skin. I found the best combinations to help with my condition and now I can never go a day without it."

  • Juliana Gbemisola

    "I like to take care of my skin every now and then. Whenever I feel like my skin is tired or dry I take out the DIY facial sheet mask machine and ask my husband to join me on a skin care date night. We love it, it makes us feel so young and healthy"

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Inspiring facial creativity

The Fruit Faced| DIY Mask Maker machine is your one-step solution to radiant, glowing skin in the comfort of your home. Easy to use, and a convenient and economical alternative to expensive salon visits and store-bought face masks.

  • DIY Face mask maker machine | Fruit Faced

    Chemical Free

    If you’re sick and tired of your chemical-filled face packs, it’s high time you switch to these awesome fruit-based masks that you can make at home

  • DIY Face mask maker machine | Fruit Faced

    Skincare Friendly

    Your skincare routine does not have to eat up an hour of your day or include fifteen different products to be effective, so try doing more with less.

  • DIY Face mask maker machine | Fruit Faced

    Fresh Ingredients

    Turn your favourite fruits and vegetables into incredible little sheets of magic loaded with anti-ageing and anti-acne ingredients essential for youthful, fresh looking skin.

  • DIY Face mask maker machine | Fruit Faced

    Easy to use

    A simple push of the integrated power button lets you start creating in an instant. And the digital display guides you through the entire mask-making process.

Our Guarantees

Recipies from my Fruit Faced™ eBook

By purchasing you will receive a colorfull & detailed recipe eBook to inspire your imagination. Share your own recipe ideas with #getfruitfaced

Personalized Masking

From your favourite fruit & vegetable to the perfect facial skin routine. It`s so simple with Fruit Faced™

Safe for you & your skin

Never use chimicals in your face masks again. You can use natural ingredients from your own home.

100% Satisfaction or your money back

We want you to be completely satisfied with your product. That's why, in the unlikely event that you are less than delighted with your Fruit Mask Machine, simply return your order to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.